Teledentistry for Veterans

Teledentistry for Veterans

Veteran care is being revolutionized by teledental and telehealth services. It’s now easier than ever for veterans to find great dental care.
Teledentistry for Veterans

Veterans Deserve Five Star Dentistry

Quality dental care that complies with VA insurance policies can be difficult to find for even the most avid researcher. Thankfully, teledentistry services have made it easy for members of the armed forces to quickly, affordably, and conveniently reach experienced professionals who care.

Getting Started

Army Teledentistry is an industry leading app that connects patients to virtual dentists, at-home visits, second opinions, and even electronic prescriptions. Army Teledentistry hosts a variety of dental specialists as well as services native to the app. Army Teledentistry works with dental insurance providers to find the best possible dentistry for each and every patient.
Veterans and members of the armed forces find it convenient to bring dentists to them because teledentists have more flexible hours of operation.
Postoperative care is one of the most neglected aspects of dentistry but teledentistry makes it easy for veterans to stay up-to-date with their surgeons and dental specialists.
Teledentistry can be done in a manner of mediums such as video or phone call as well as simple and direct instant messaging.


Army Teledentistry

In the world of teledentistry, there are many services to choose from. Army Teledentistry is unique because it is leading the way in AI technologies in dentistry as well as software engineering.
Teledentistry for Veterans
Teledentistry for Veterans

Getting Started

To find the best teledentistry, download a certified teledentistry app and sign up. It’s easy, free, and you can find a local or international teledentist in as little as five minutes.  Because teledentists work virtually, veterans and members of the armed forces can be in contact with a dental health professional at any hour of the day.


Teledentistry for Veterans

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